Automatic Instrument cleaning

After each patient, instruments must be disinfected and cleaned at least before the next use to avoid infections. Depending on the classification of the instrument as semi-critical or critical, it must be disinfected or also be sterilized with a suitable sterilizer.

Since mechanical Cleaning of the instruments offers the possibility of a standardization of the sequence and holds a significantly smaller risk of injury, hygienists also recommend the mechanical processing in favor of manual preparation.

The cleaning and disinfection of the instruments previously required much time expenditure for an assistant in a medical or dental practice, because the preparation of the instruments is often still carried out manually. Instrument disinfection takes place in a special bath – and not always observes the required acting time and the prescribed dosage of disinfectant. These two possible faults are precluded when using the MELAclean instrument cleaning machine. The automatic and standardized sequence of cleaning assures a high degree of safety. Furthermore the time-saving provided by mechanical cleaning means the assistant has more time for other work.

MELAclean offers accessories that are oriented to the needs of the practice. Instruments can be placed quickly and easily into the special baskets >K<, >G<, >Sp< or in the small part basket for the preparation with MELAclean. Cleaning (with use of MELAclean disinfection cleanser), clear rinse, and drying of the instruments take place carefully automatically. This saves working time for your assistant, who then has more time for other work in the surgery. According to program selection, the instruments can be available for use again after only 75 minutes.

The water feed and drain hoses required for installation, the basic rack as well as a bag of regeneration salt for the first-filling are included in the MELAclean scope of delivery. A simple washing machine inlet and drain suffices for the installation. It is also possible to install the device in a 60 cm wide cabinet.

After the cleaning of the instruments with MELAclean, the (optional necessary) wrapping and sterilization in the autoclave is carried out.

If the instruments are sterilized when wrapped, then the suitable products are available with MELAfol and MELAseal.





Spray pistol

Demineralized water with full line pressure for diverse applications can be taken from the water treatment system MELAdem 40 with the spray pistol MELAjet.

The adjustable combination nozzle can direct a cone-shaped, wide-area spray to clean contamination and chemical residue from the surfaces of instruments. It can also apply a fine-point stream to clean out instrument parts which are poorly accessible.

The spray pistol MELAjet is delivered with a 1.5 meter hose, the screw connection to the adapter on the MELAdem 40 connected at the autoclaves of the series Pro-Class, Vacuquick and S-Class as well as a mounting for hanging the MELAjet.


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