Over fifty years ago, MELAG began in Berlin to specialize in the manufacture of sterilization equipment. Quality consciousness, reliability, and innovative eagerness, plus the highest in safety standards, have made the family-run enterprise MELAG one of the world’s leading producers of sterilization equipment.

Verification of its success has been the sale of more than 400,000 units. Decades of experience, modern computer-aided production, employment of highest-quality materials, and experienced and reliable staff all have made MELAG equipment renowned for quality and convenience.
There are over 100 manufacturers of sterilizers world-wide for use in medical and dental practices. But MELAG is the only producer on the international scene who concentrates exclusively on one single product line alone: sterilizers. This concept of core competence is the foundation of our international success, a success which must be continually tested and proven.
Every MELAG employee works towards this end with the greatest commitment, knowing that when "his" autoclaves aren't successful, then neither is the company. And that affects every single employee.

The entire MELAG staff is proud to have made an important contribution to the protection of the health of patients and of medical staff with the equipment and accessories it produces for reliable sterilization and safe storage of sterilized articles.