sets new standards combining the lowest radiation dosage with superior image quality. Offering intuitive operation and optimized clinical workflow providing efficiency in both dentistry and 3D diagnostics – proven by numerous international clinical studies


Cyfrowy X-RAY


Sirona's modular design philosophy means more flexibility. Depending on their specific preferences, dentists can opt for a stand-alone configuration or a fully integrated digital practice network.



Panoramiczny X-RAY

Leading-edge technology. In early 1950, Sirona was one of the first companies to launch film-based panoramic X-ray systems and - since 1996 - has been consistently breaking new ground in the area of digital panoramic and cephalometric radiography as well.



Wewnątrzustny X-RAY 

Digital X-rays depend on the perfect interplay between X-ray generator and sensor. Sirona possesses more than a century of in-depth experience, which has now been harnessed to digital intraoral radiography.


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